Hottpants LLC

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Welding Artists

Hottpants LLC in Sacramento, CA, is a welding fabrication and metallurgy company specializing in weaponry and shields. Founded by friends James, a disabled veteran with the U.S.A.F, and Michael, a boring Civi born from a Glorious Navy Sailor. we create interesting items often times inspired by our customers’ ideas.

As certified welders, we have the necessary experiences by graduating from Arizona Automotive Institute and Tidewater Community College as well as experience working in the ship docks and military.



We or anyone representing Hottpants LLC Company is not liable for any product we sell/give/gift/lend out or borrow out to an individual, entity, front, company, vendor, or shop once final transaction has taken place. Our products are not weaponized or meant to be used as a weapon no matter how much they resemble a weapon. It is meant as a display/mantel peace, or used as a controlled peaceful reenactment as a safe prop. We, Hottpants LLC or any individual representing Hottpants LLC, are not liable for personal damage to property, personal items and effects, or bodily harm in any way to an individual, living being, animal, insects, or anything living or not living. We follow all California rules and regulations. We will ship any product to anyone of legal age , 18 years of age or 17 years of age with consent from parents or legal guardian in writing and signed agreement, following legal California law. If you are in a state, county, territory, Island, land mass or habitable/non-habitable area on this Earth or universe, check with the local laws and regulations before ordering first. We are not responsible in any way, shape, or form for the product being “illegal” in your local area. It is your job, duty, task, assignment to look at all laws in your area. Please be responsible with any of our products. We will not be liable for any stupid acts you do. We are not your parents, we did not raise you or look out for your molding upbringing of a person and therefore we are not responsible in any way for any moronic ass clownery you do with our products. If you as the purchaser of our products tamper, alter, modify, or do anything to our products is all up to you and we are not responsible for anything you do to or with our products.